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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 296  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2017 2:32pm-3:01pm AST

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and referendum course that referendum triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and they want to ceasefire kurdish peshmerga forces have been fighting government troops near a key oil pipeline israel has approved the construction of one hundred seventy six new settlement units in occupied east jerusalem this move to add to already existing illegal settlement structures in the palestinian neighborhood of a bare china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi jinping premier league the chain was the only one to retain a spot in the seven man lineup but there is no clear successor to see further strengthening his grip on power i don't know average five day funeral is underway in thailand for me upon and to you today a year after his death quarter of a million people have lined the area outside bangkok's grand palace to watch golden chariots bring the late king's body to the crematorium complex. and rain for seventy years his death last october the country into mourning eleven human rights
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activists accused of supporting terrorist groups have gone on trial in istanbul in turkey the director of the of amnesty international in turkey a german national and a swede they're all on trial they were arrested in july accused of aiding kurdish and leftwing armed groups as well as the to agree on movement blame for last year's failed coup because of the headlines news continues after inside story thanks for your time to better. pakistan gets a warning from the u.s. do more to stop aiding groups secretary of state rex tillerson is on his first visit to islamabad at a time when the u.s.
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is considering giving india a greater role in the war in afghanistan can washington alienate pakistan one of the risks this is inside story. welcome to the program i'm jane dutton ricks to listens visitors lamb about on tuesday was as much about pakistan's neighbors as u.s. pakistan relations in particular the u.s. safety of state once the pakistani leadership to stop taliban fighters launching attacks in afghanistan from their side of the border at the same time pakistan's prime minister show he'd like on a bus is trying to dissuade the u.s. from inviting india to play a bigger role in afghanistan will get so i guess in a moment but first natasha good name has this report pakistan has been basking in
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rare international praise after it rescued a canadian american family earlier this month this is proof enough to me that. the pakistanis are doing everything their utmost. is in her power the family spent five years as hostages of the taliban linked network the united states gave pakistan and ultimatum if they didn't act on urgent intelligence it would send in their own troops to bring the hostages home the pakistani government's cooperation is a sign that it is honoring america's wish that to do more to provide. security in the region the u.s. and pakistan are longtime allies but their relationship has been strained the u.s. says pakistan is creating safe havens for the taliban which is in the midst of
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a renewed campaign in afghanistan pakistan denies that and says when the u.s. has provided intelligence it's acted u.s. and pakistan they have agreed to that it made engage in the future for the typical operation and lead to understanding of each of this concerns. us secretary of state rex tillerson is on his first official visit to south asia on the agenda meetings with the pakistani prime minister show he khan abbassi and indian prime minister narendra modi. the trumpet ministration hopes to expand its ties with india seeing it as a stabilizing force in a volatile region president trump and prime minister modi are committed more than any other leaders before them to building an ambitious partnership benefits not
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only our two great democracies but other sovereign nations working toward greater peace and stability a deepening of american and indian ties is a sensitive topic for pakistan india and pakistan are locked in a decades long stalemate over the disputed region of kashmir the u.s. is stressing both countries are crucial partners but u.s. president donald trump is seizing the momentum of recent cooperation by urging pakistan to help release other hostages and join in future counterterrorism operations natasha going to name al-jazeera. let's bring in our guest joining us from islamabad. former pakistan ambassador to afghanistan in kabul him political analyst and a specialist on regional security and in washington d.c. larry korb senior fellow at the center for american progress so interesting
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dynamics at play at the moment gentlemen so good to have you on the show to talk us through this i as was here how is to listens trip playing out in pakistan and the toughen stance that we seeing from the u.s. now. r. well what he said in carville obviously was. a little tough stance but in fact a funny looks at it from the angle of what the president said on twenty first august last then it was nothing near because this was about the president from stance. that was already conveyed and we are aware of it but well he is here he had a meeting with the prime minister so things. have not yet come out the statement is yet to come out about well obviously it's an important visit and
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a lot of. things out to be shared by both sides obviously american side order. that the foreign secretary would convey americans of concern and pakistan obviously would show its own concerns so they have to try to find a way respect in each other interest and accommodating each other concern but obviously it's too big to say right now that whether all american concern would be accepted or rejected but obviously an effort would be made to make some way to continue with the positive side of a relation between us because their relations are not going in that i direction for the last some time now they certainly were glaring holes are talking as if they want to telegraph still iran is doing that and the message that he's trying to get
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across and what he would like to hear from the pakistanis. well i think he's got two purposes one to show the pakistanis that we still have things we can work on and they still are an important poor part of our whole security arrangement in that part of the world i think the other thing is that i think he wants to tell them that they've got to stop aiding the taliban and giving you know aid and comfort to groups like the hakani network because the longer that they do that the longer this war will will go on but we have had this on again off again relationship with pakistan going back to when they got a nuclear weapon and then when the soviets went into afghanistan we became you know allies again and then of course after nine eleven we became very close but then they some people in there allowed bin laden to take refuge and so we didn't even tell them when we went in and got bin laden so we've had this on again off again
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and i think he also needs to lay out what is a long term plan in afghanistan do we want negotiations and what would be willing to accept to give the taliban some role back in afghanistan and that areas were things going to be jumping in here if the usa that knowledge is the role that pakistan does play you know and they helped him out was a waste on for example i mean always a just a tough game policy when it comes to pakistan well they do reckon the pakistan's have been helpful in afghanistan in fact after nine eleven they were very helpful the pakistanis were upset that after we drove out the taliban and al qaida we took our attention off and allow allow the taliban to come back in by going into iraq so part of it is our own own fault because the pakistanis like any other nation want to protect their own interests much stuck around him the view from kabul tellus and made an unannounced visit to kabul and i'm wondering what it is that he took from
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there that he's taking to the table in pakistan before he returns what what needs to be seen coming from that. well he was quite clear in his speech last last night when he met with the president and the chief executive officer of the government of afghanistan where he said that they have clear demands put forward to the pakistani government and we have been hearing the same directive now since twenty first august when the when the us president trump announced a strategy followed for south asia where they have been pushing and putting pressure on pakistani government to stop providing centuries to the militants fighting in afghanistan they are asking pakistani government to stop playing the double game that they have been playing all the last two and a half decade in atlanta side with the international community and the. quest
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for questioning and stopping supporting these centuries of the militants in the areas under the control of pakistani government in federally administrated tribal areas so their demands are pretty good and the afghan government is pretty much expecting that the same narrative will be will be communicated to the pakistani side of the table when he is in pakistan meeting the senior officials there i want to pick up on the double game that you mentioned a little bit earlier on but let's just remind ourselves about the u.s. pakistan relationship and why it's so important here it's gone through several hundred cold periods over the past fifty years in the one nine hundred eighty they went together to minimize the soviet union's presence in the region especially in afghanistan as thanks for its cooperation the u.s. gave pakistan billions of dollars in aid but the ties became more distant after the cold war ended and pakistan strategic importance to america diminished in the one nine hundred ninety the u.s. threatened to put pakistan on the state sponsors of terrorism list and impose
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sanctions on india and pakistan then you can test things that stabilized a bit by the time of the september eleventh attacks and. two thousand and one and then the u.s. was back at war in afghanistan and pakistan was on its side the relationship strengthened the us forgave a billion dollars of debt and named pakistan a non nato ally but at the same time the u.s. began drone strikes on northwest and pakistan targeting the taliban many civilians were killed and the mistrust has grown in the u.s. accusing pakistan of helping taliban fighters and other groups escape capture so this double game that mushtaq was talking about i as how does a benefit pakistan and talk us through it. well i'm not going to go into accusing each other that i think has been done for the last so many years it's another one for another i'm talking about ourselves in the national security services provide
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to some of the i'm grateful which have conducted attacks but in afghanistan and pakistan well and. if you're talking about the pakistani security side or let me be absolutely clear about it the i.s.i. is a role in the game. let's let's look at it from the true perspective the two countries immediate never of aniston and pakistan have a long long relation and underscore but the trust deficit increase do it a period of time because their intelligence with think are involved in doing things in pakistan which day should not do and similarly they accuse us of doing the same thing but the crux of the medleys that one fourth of the american visitor has come is like what president graham said there are safe havens in pakistan but our prime
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minister and foreign minister run under a card to have said that we are prepared to take the american or anyone suspecting pakistan of say of heaven to the places where they think the save heavens are to pinpoint of the seven they've heavens are there i'm not talking of yesterday i'm talking of today the pakistan military is in the tribal area there the fencing the border with afghanistan to control the movement of the militants from each other country but it is unfortunately the other side which is not cooperating in managing divider so let's look at the problem how can there be solved it cannot be solved through the use of force if the american are. used to can do did they will be able to resist the arm of the taliban the taliban foot soldiers in afghanistan nobody goes from pakistan there may be some leadership here in pakistan but the food
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source that i repeat myself in afghanistan and everybody understands and believes that fighting percent of the land is standard a is that under the taliban control are under their influence ok they did not even have in many areas i let me bring in the larry come here is taking the americans the us to these so-called safe havens enough larry what is it that the u.s. wants to see the security services the pakistan security services do to try and bring peace to the troubled area including afghanistan well then they don't want them to continue to provide these safe havens and why are my colleague from pakistan us talking about it's not foot soldiers well there are some there that go ahead and they can regroup and come our combat come back again i mean from the pakistani point of view they're trying to ensure that afghanistan does not come on
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come under their control for example they don't want to see indian influence there they want to have a role in setting up the government they have so that they can maintain influence so they are providing a not support not only to the leaders but to the ground troops to make sure that the taliban basically will be able to be or have a role in negotiations and that's the u.s. policy now we would like to see a negotiated solution between the afghan government and the taliban that's what we would like but until that happens pakistan is going to protect its own interests i mean in international politics nations don't have permanent friends or enemies they are permit. an interest and pakistan has interest for example in what role india is going to play in the region so basically i think another thing i hope to
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listen and talk about and maybe even get all the powers that are have an interest there china russia india pakistan to work to come up with a solution that ends the fighting in afghanistan i must tell you can't just blame pakistan obviously on what's happening in afghanistan i mean afghanistan has got a problem with its weak leadership for example you can bomb the taliban to the table. you know what yes there are some there are internal problems and these problems are can be anywhere i mean any country will have any of these problems we do face problems here but the leadership in the government governance structures are weak and that the problem within the security sector the corruption is an issue that has been raised time and again but then. the narrative of the discourse which is in here is that this is the conflict the war of the militancy is the behind all these problems that the government of afghanistan has not been able
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to really put push the agenda for reforms forward. it can be either way i mean a chicken and egg issue you can you can say that we have support of our neighbors who stop supporting militants and we are able the government of afghanistan is able to take a bread bread of peace and have a moment of peace they can concentrate on governance reforms and dealing with issues are corruptions coming to the point that mr was it is their foot soldiers out here and leadership is that see foot soldier has to be in afghanistan because they have to be fighting the international forces and the national forces but the issue is that whenever they are put to i under pressure they have an opportunity to treat back we have references available there are numbers of books written where the evidence is provided that people have been treated who have been injured in the battlefield in afghanistan they have been able to go back to quote time in other
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parts of pakistan and get treated and get supported and return back to the battlefield again. a safe havens discussion comes is that it provides a cushion to the militant groups to come in to the militia effort for do the fighting in fighting the militia war and then drifted back so that the. the problem is that if we have supporters or neighbors with good intention i think the government of afghanistan will be able to reach an agreement with the taliban but the problem is that things are dictated in a way where personal interest and i don't know even if we call it a personal interest but it's a bit of kind of trying to deny her germany or afghanistan which has been tried or the course of last four decades i have been hearing the word strategic depth strategy of i.s.i. which has been pursued in afghanistan. what about bringing in india this is what
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trump administration is now considering i mean is that a good idea is that going to resolve the problems on the ground in afghanistan and how does pakistan feel about it considering how pakistan feels about india. pakistan. believe is known to everyone we have serious concern about india and negativity from of i understand towards pakistan otherwise we have no issue with india and afghanistan and thereby live through a relationship they can strengthen it to the maximum dickon. if they can afford to but there should not be the cost of pakistan if india is coming in dr understand and from there to. pakistan from the western. reach we have enough proof as i said forty percent.
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of the programming to bring you the iraqi prime minister high the law bad he was holding a press conference with the turkish president ressa play a bird on let's listen in a moment clearly socially. and culturally. if we're. hearing. it's rated that we had attacked. measure take him. there if. they came by the kurds with regards to that if we regret such
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a measure however we have. joined we shared the same views on this issue. from the outset we had greed that. territorial integrity must be maintained and we are still keen on the say that's why we cannot accept this issue i mean that a friend of. the unilateral measures taken by the kurds. and so long as. warnings. fail deaf ears that we were forced to take the necessary measures and start imposing sanctions.
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well. now that. the measures initiated by the three of us. and iran i believe we have a very positive stand. on. the trade volumes between turkey and iraq. about billion dollars at the moment. all what we hope for is to take these volumes to higher levels. simply if that isn't that we are bonded with iraq strictly by friendly relations. the fact that they of
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a neighboring country. and we both represent two countries. the same values and the same tradition. iraq has suffered grave damages. specially. the damage is very clear. the mosul province and the same. applies to allow for in other areas. and i'm barred province has suffered damages. to the degree that this terrorist organization of. modern
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has set foot. in the vicinity of baghdad and where do you get to see the amount of damage and destruction left behind. that. kind of. however the central government of iraq has been. the government has taken. measures in this respect and as a result of the central government. so liberate and cleanse. is once i said with the exception of only about ten or fifteen percent of the hollow and i believe this small area of land will be soon liberate. when. we
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all saw. that the terrorist organization of. are taking advantage of the current situation. this terrorist organization that they k.k. are also present and they are and in the senate. or. to us when. we put on our part. we are prepared to provide all sorts of assistance and cooperation in this respect. and you know. they hope for is to see o'reilly prosperous once again especially in all these years that have suffered such grave.
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destruction and damage and we again on our part will provide all what we can including any assistance to our brotherly country of iraq in this respect and we mean by the grace of god will take all the necessary measures to contribute to the stability and security of the regions and i will start doing that we are also prepared to provide all full of support in order to. put the pipeline between the two countries once again operational and fully functioning with the specter of the exit an end to the border points we are in constant communication and this regard and i believe that the issues will be it is solved under our mutual understanding and agreement but. also
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all the measures to be taken will be initiated based on that is illusions handed down by the central government of iraq once again i welcome my brother and his company in delegation welcome to your second homeland turkey. in the mind of. the prime minister. the iraqi prime minister will meet. together with the delegates. so if you're just joining us you're listening to the iraqi prime minister had a bad idea as well as the turkish president there giving a press conference in ankara so he was effectively visiting turkey to discuss potential joint steps against northern iraq kurdish regional gun.


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